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NEW LIFE FOUNDATIONS partners with local and national social service agencies, employment agencies, and community development programs to provide comprehensive services for its participants. As they matriculate through the program, we provide the scaffolds necessary for their transition into the workforce. By partnering with funding agencies, we provide first class training and professional sessions, while reducing the financial strain on the individual and their families.


John Proctor

Founder and CEO of New Life Foundation

Born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I spent 13 years in the US Army as a Food Professional. I participated in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. After the end of service, I worked for the Virginia Department of Corrections for 17 years as a Food Service Manager to Director. During that time I partnered with the National Restaurant Association and started a culinary arts program for offenders at the training facility I worked at. As a veteran and working with offenders for over 17 years, I know all too well the struggle and lack of resources available for these individuals. I am dedicated to provide any support or services needed, to get these men and women back on track for success. Whether it be mental well - being, sobriety or homelessness.

Vision statement

Our vision is to bring awareness,
advocate and coordinate community
partnerships to prevent, reduce, and
ultimately end homelessness by
providing financial principles, caring,
safe & stable housing, and
supportive services to people who
are homeless or at risk of

Group Bonding
Family Portrait

mission statement

Our mission is to significantly
reduce homelessness by inspiring
and empowering people who are
homeless or who suffer from
substance abuse and mental
health challenges by implementing
evidence based strategies that
disrupt negative patterns, create
new visions, build self-esteem and
develop sustainable life skills

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